Teacher at Oromia Development Association (ODA)

Job Description

Oromiya Development Association Boarding Schools

ODA Boarding schools need to invite applicants of committed and experienced teachers for high achiever students.

1.    Job Title: CIvics & Ethical education   Teacher

2.   Required number: 1(one)

3.  Job Description :

ODA Boarding School aspires to be center of change and development, a catalyst for progress in science and technology, addressing the immediate and long term demand of national economy, innovative research and education.

The Boarding School is committed to be the center of excellence in science and technology and provide highest quality education and training which builds the technical capacity of manufacturing and other industries.

The Boarding School  has the responsibility of undertaking and encouraging relevant academic programs, action researches, and community services in national and local priority areas and disseminating the findings therefore;

The Boarding School is in general desirous of reinforcing and expanding its areas of excellence in the teaching-learning process, research and community services;

The Boarding School envisions building a strong and committed academic community that aspires attaining the lofty ideals and goals of high school education.

We are seeking passionate teachers, who thoroughly enjoy teaching, excel in their ability to reach and support students and take endless pride and countless hours to design inspiring and engaging lesson plans and teaching units.

We seek compassionate, hardworking and resilient individuals capable of dealing with many of the unforeseen challenges that occur in a school. We seek individuals who work well with others and would enjoy living at the ODA Boarding School Adama /Bishoftu branches.

As a boarding school, teaching life extends well beyond time spent with students in a classroom. Tutorials, clubs, study hall supervision, field trips and ongoing engaging school wide activities also form part of a teacher’s responsibilities. Working at a boarding school requires a genuine commitment to serve as a role model and be an active part of the community.

Job Requirements

4.  Role and Responsibilities

ODA Boarding School Teachers are responsible for:

To handle courses, tutorial, practical hours, mentoring and advising of boarding school students and take additional responsibilities which will be given by the school.

5.    Job Requirements

5.1.   Education Qualifications

We seek teachers who:

  • ¬†Have at a minimum a Bachelor Degree in subject teaching areas.¬†¬†A Masters degree is preferred.
  • ¬†Have a Bachelor of Education degree or Post Graduate Teaching Diploma in addition to under graduate/graduate degree
  • ¬†Have a minimum¬† CGPA 2.75 for first degree applicants
  • ¬† Master degree with CGPA 3.30 and above. Where one of his/her degree is in regular program
  • Two years performance evaluation result on average 90% and above
  • Minimum 4 years work experience for degree and 2 years for post graduate in teaching; out of which 2 years in teaching¬†¬† preparatory secondary school.

6.   Knowledge & Skills

We require teachers who are:

  • ¬†Willing to attend in service training of teachers, self-motivated energetic, organized and flexible individual
  • Free from any addiction and well-mannered good conduct with no bad recodes
  • In principle willing to be around the school compound 24:00 hours except in exceptional condition
  • ¬† ¬†Understanding of the nature of boarding school and needs of high school students
  • ¬† Written and oral communication skills in English and Afan Oromo are mandatory.
  • Professionally ethical, honest and willing to serve as outstanding role model in the community
  • Proficient in Word, Excel, Email usage, Google Suite, internet searching and willing to learn new computer skills
  • Able to demonstrate learner-centered teaching methodologies and are eager to continue to learn
  • Experienced working in schools with a¬† mission for academic excellence and student engagement
  • Willing to embrace and adhere to the ODA Boarding School‚Äôs requirements, values & mission
  • Active team players and problem solvers
  • Outstanding communicators¬† and have strong interpersonal skills
  • Committed and passionate to teaching and¬† highly motivated towards student development and growth
  • Willing to teach and support students after hours and on weekends¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†

7.   Benefit

  • Benefits package are house with free electric and water cost or 1,000 (one thousand) ETB provision of house allowance instead of house
  • Offers medicals service according to HRD manual of ODA

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