Social Worker at Cheshire Ethiopia

Job Description

Job Summary

Under the general supervision of the Senior Social worker, the Social Worker is responsible for planning individual treatment sessions and implementation of the theoretical and practical activities of the social work section;


  • Planning individual treatment sessions and implement all theoretical techniques, in service and practical training service for users.
  • Assessing and offering adviceĀ  or counselingĀ  clients,
  • Arranging appropriate care, resources or benefits and referrals.,
  • Liaison with relatives, colleagues and other professionals, Government and NGOsĀ  organizations
  • Providing supervisor support to junior social workerĀ  andĀ  home based rehabilitation ,
  • Conducting awareness, raising training, community, educationĀ  and organization work,,
  • Prepare and submitĀ  budget, progress and periodical reports
  • .Preparing a social or developmental history of a child with a disability
  • Preparing information onĀ  psychologyĀ Ā  and behaviorĀ  condition of clients for evaluations
  • Working with parents and others on problems in a childā€™s home, Rehabilitation centers,Ā  andĀ  community affecting the childā€™s school adjustment
  • Mobilizing school and community resources
  • Plan, monitor and evaluate projects that are identified to fulfill needs of the community in line with the principle and objective of CBR.
  • Give orientationĀ  on code of behavior expected from admitted clientsĀ  and clients embraced in CBR programsĀ  as well as servicesĀ  provided by the CSE to clients
  • Perform any other duties assigned by the Senior Social Worker or Rehabilitation Center Manager.

Work Unit:

  • Program Unit

Immediate Supervisor:

  • Senior Social Worker

Required number

  • 01

Job Requirements


  • BA Degree in Psychology


  • 2 years in related work

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