Senior Auto Mechanic at ABIG

Job Description

Job Purpose

Senior auto mechanic is responsible to perform the maintenance and repair of vehicles in a safe, efficient and economical way.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintain, adjust, repair and/or service complex mechanical failures of vehicles in a safe, efficient and economical manner.
  • Apply a logical and progressive manner, the appropriate diagnosis techniques to determine the cause or causes of mechanical failures of vehicles.
  • Ensure that all repairs and maintenance performed exceed the minimum standards define by the company.
  • Use safe working practices and procedures at all times
  • Display initiative in overcoming technical problems and communicates effectively with subordinates.
  • Coach and mentor other employees in the section
  • Take good care of assigned tools.
  • Perform related duties as assigned or as situations dictate.
 Job Requirements


  • TVET Level III in Auto Mechanic, Automotive Engine and Electrical Servicing, or related field of studies


  • At least 6 years of experience as Auto Mechanic

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