Milk Truck Driver at Holland Dairy P.L.C

Job Description

The main responsibility of milk truck driver is operating a heavily insulated in milk tanker and pumping milk into the vehicle then transport the milk different designated commercial locations, such as a dairy farms and milk collection points to Bishoftu where you unload the milk.

  • Drives insulated tank truck to transport bulk milk between farms, dairies, and milk collection points
  • Observes level gauge of storage tank and computes and records weight of milk in tank.
  • Connects hose and turns valves to pump milk into truck.
  • Washes truck
  • May clean and sterilize tank.
  • Inspect motor vehicles
  • Follow safety procedures for vehicle operation

Job Requirements

  • Level 5 driving license
  • more than 5 years of work experience in driving trailer trucks
  • Good Communication skill and time management
  • Excellent coaching skill

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