How your brain effects your genes

Ran across this today about how your genes are affected by your brain.
Fairly mind blowing stuff.
In today’s Book-Of-The-Day, Inheritance: How Our Genes Change Our Lives–and Our Lives Change Our Genes“, Dr. Sharon Moalem says:

“Your thoughts, too, are constantly impacting your genes, which must shift and change, over time, to align your cellular machinery with the expectations you’ve set and experiences you’ve had.
You’re creating memories. Emotions. Anticipation. All of that gets encoded, like an annotation in the margin of an old book, within all of our cells.”

This isn’t some weird theory. This is science.
Basically you and I are constantly rewriting the coding of our brains and maybe even the inner working of our genes.
This is why I say, spend less time with morons (I define ‘morons’ as people with a fixed, black and white mindset as opposed to a continual learning mindset).
Morons will effect you negatively – quite possibly at the gene level.
It’s your one and only life. Control your environment more.

Stay Strong,
Author Tai lopez

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