Finance Officer at International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Job Description

Overall responsibility of recording accounting transactions, field office financial management, monitoring of cash inflow and outflow, budget.


  • Reviews payment requests to verify that all the necessary supporting documents have been attached and that the payments are for eligible expenditures as per the grant agreement.
  • Makes sure that all payments are made after approval has been obtained from the designated official.
  • To monitor checks are used sequentially, appropriately and completed accurately.
  • Checks cash payment vouchers and the related documents submitted by the cashier for replenishment are accurately and reconciled with the documents and the cash count.
  • Ensure that all cash operation procedures and internal controls are closely followed.
  • Records all cash in office, petty cash, adjustment and bank transactions on the excel format using the accurate codes.
  • At the end of the month or at any appropriate shorter interval
  •  Preparation of Bank and Cash Reconciliation for field office on a monthly basis
  • Reconciles bank balance as per records with the balance on bank statement (Prepare Bank Reconciliation),
  •  Investigates and explains any difference arising from the reconciliation, if any.
  • Send all original financial documents, scan document and accurate financial report prepared in excel format twice in a month.
  • Provide training on IRC financial policy rules and procedures.
  • Ensures that the established control systems for assets acquisition, handling and utilization are consistently applied.
  • Checks that vehicle fuel consumption is within normal limits by comparing the mileage with the corresponding fuel consumption.
  • Tracks the status of personal advances and ensures their timely settlement.
  • Make sure the Authorization Schedule issued is in place and appropriated logistics/procurements are completed and committed.
  • Make sure taxes and any other liabilities paid timely.
  • Ensure all balance sheet payables and receivables are cleared on time and respond if any comment regarding of balance sheet every month.
  • Coding all the transaction accurately on the Finance vouchers as per approved PR.
  • Ensure the fulfillment of all financial documents (Collections and disbursements) is as per the IRC audit requirement.
  • Clearing all grant online BVA commitments every month and check the online payment “mark as paid” on time.
  • Responsible for staff development under direct supervision.
  • As part of his/her supervision responsibility, set and cooperate with the Finance Assistant Key performance objectives for each financial year in line with the Department goals.
  • Provide the Finance Assistant conducive work environment; business tools, support and relevant training necessary for them to perform their work.
  • Monitor the performance of the Finance Assistant through the year providing regular feedback on progress towards meeting agreed objectives and any improvement needed.
  • Conduct an annual performance evaluation.
  • Any other tasks assigned by immediate supervisor

Job Requirements

  • Graduate level degree in relevant field (Accounting, Accounting and Finance) preferred.
  • 3-2 years’ previous work experience required; humanitarian sector experience preferred.3 years’ experience for degree holder and 2 years for post plus graduates.
  • Operating excel, Word and Access is required. Knowledge of Sun Accounting system and/or other accounting software is helpful
  • Experience working in remote and hardship areas.
  • Ability to communicate well in English
  • Strong organizational and social skills
  • Positive and professional attitude, able to coordinate, maintain composure and prioritize work, coordinating multiple tasks and maintain attention to detail

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