Data Collectors at Ethiopian Public Health Institute

Job Description

Contract duration =3 three months

Required No =15

1.     (3 Afan oromo  speakers, 3 Tigrigna Speakers and 9 Amharic speakers)

Role and responsibilities of the data collectors

·        Identify (with help of the guide person from the community) the specific households to be interviewed

·        Follow the standard procedures strictly in conducting the interviews and recording the answers.

·        Study the questionnaire to get familiar with it, since this will reduce both the burden and amount of time spent with the respondent.

·        Follow the interview instructions from the training in order to obtain a high data quality.

·        Check completed interviews to be sure that all questions were asked and the responses are neatly and legibly recorded

·        Fill in the logbook during each interview.

·        Take anthropometric measurements and body composition measurement based on the standard procedure given.

·        Make sure that you have all the materials that you need (e.g. forms, batteries, scale and body composition measuring instrument)

·        Take good care of the weighing scale, body composition measurements, questionnaires, and other measuring instruments

Job Requirements

BSc in human nutrition/public health/ food science and nutrition with minimum zero year experience

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