Communication and Documentation Officer at Cheshire Ethiopia

Job Description

Job Summary: ā€“

The Communication and documentation Officer is responsible for planning and implementation of the communication and documentation services and activities of Cheshire Ethiopia. The position is responsible for Preparing and designing, and producing, newsletters, fliers, brochures and developing publications, promotion, fundraising and other purposes.

  • As per the directives of the Executive Director, the Ā communication and documentation Ā officer plans and implements the communication Ā services andĀ  activities of CheshireĀ  Ethiopia
  • Collaborates with management to develop and implement an effective communication strategy based on our target audience.
  • Writes, edits and distributes content, including publications ,press release, website content, annual reports, speeches, and other awareness and promotional materials that communicate the organizationā€™s activities, products, and/or services such daily social media and weekly Website posts, monthly case stories, quarterly newsletters and bi-annual reports and other publications.
  • Assists in developing media strategies and policies and advises on communication and public relation issues.
  • Develops appropriate historical and performance related organizational Ā documentation of Cheshire Ethiopia through picture taking and case stories, voice recording and assigning of role ambassadors
  • Arranges communication courses, workshops and media training.
  • Develops data base management and information technology utilization policy and procedures and ways to prevent CE data base management from possible virus attacks and ensure backup and update of the data base at regular interval.
  • Travel to project sitesĀ  for first hand observations of interventions, events, beneficiary status, success stories.
  • Respond to media inquiries, arrange interviews, and act as spokes person for the organization.
  • EstablishesĀ  and maintainsĀ  effective relationships with journalists and maintain a media data base
  • Seek opportunities to enhance the reputation of the organization, and coordinate publicity events as required
  • Maintain records of media coverage and collate analytics and metrics
  • Performs other similar duties as assigned by the Executive Director.

Job Requirements



  • BA degree in communication, journalism or Ā related fields.


  • Ā 6 years relevant experience in journalism or public relation or Public communication


  • Knowledge of Ā Desk top publishing, and audio visual editing software ( in designingĀ  Photoshop, video editor) ,Ā  excellent verbal, written, and inter personal skills,

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