Boosting self-awareness

you’ve heard the term self-awareness, but what exactly does it mean?

Well, I won’t give you a detailed or technical answer. Instead, I’d like to explain what self-awareness is by sharing a story with you.

A few years back, I remember one of my close friends going through a difficult time in their career. Their job held no satisfaction for them (except for the paycheck at the end of each month). And my friend’s confidence had dropped to such a level that they struggled to see any way out of their misery.

One weekend, when I met up with him for lunch, he asked me if I had any advice that could help him escape his predicament. I thought for a moment, and then said: “How self-aware are you?”

By the look upon his face, I could tell he was puzzled by my question. However, this made me more convinced that self-awareness would be especially helpful for him.

I explained to him that self-awareness was simply the act of looking at ourselves as others see us. In other words, stepping outside of our normal mental thoughts, and imagining how friends, colleagues and family members perceive us to be.

I then told him about several recent university studies that showed that people with high levels of self-awareness were happier and more fulfilled in their lives. This was because they were able to spot their weaknesses and transform them into strengths.

After hearing this, he asked me: “What can I do to boost my self-awareness?”

I explained there were numerous ways to do this, but I made a point of recommending what I regard as the four most effective methods: keeping a personal journal, taking a psychometric test, learning to meditate, and asking for feedback.

While he never told me which of the above methods he used, over the next few months I saw a positive change in his behavior and outlook, which resulted in him rebooting his career.

If you’re ready to step up your career too, then take advantage of the power of self-awareness. It could be the difference between failure and success.

Speaking of success…

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The above articles are jam-packed with success tips. Please try some of the tips in your life and let me know how you get on. I’d love to hear your experiences, thoughts and stories.

Have a great life!-stay strong

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