5 Things You Need To Know About Time Management

I was walking around the city of London last week and I recorded my thoughts on how to protect your time.

I came up with these five steps to manage your time wisely.

1. Define What You Lotime management ve

Most people who are entrepreneurs fall in love with the grind. You shouldn’t have to love the grind. Grinding is a cost. It’s not a goal.

It’s like going to the bathroom. You don’t optimize your day around going to the bathroom. It’s something that is an expense that you have to do.

So write down three things that you really love. I love to travel, I love my farm, and I love hanging out with friends. Maybe reading could be my fourth one.

2. Define What You Hate

Next, list out three things that you hate and aren’t productive for you.

For me, I hate conferences. I hate meetings. And, I hate emails.

3. Cut What You Don’t Like

I know that it sounds overly simplistic, but it’s not. I don’t like conferences. So when people ask me to come onto a Zoom conference call, I tell them, “I’m only going to be on this call for 10 minutes.”

I don’t like email, so limit my time spent on it to only 5 minutes a day replying and sending to emails.

Jeff Bezos does something similar to this too.

He hates meeting people one-on-one. He won’t do it. The only way you can meet up with him in a group meeting with 5 other people.

4. Find A Substitute

So Jeff Bezos knows he hates these one-on-one meetings so he cuts it out of his life, but meetings still have to happen to operate his business, so he found a substitute that works for him, which is meeting 5 people at once.

For me, I hate emails, so my solution is to use Whatsapp voice memos. I just tell people to download Whatsapp and we’ll communicate there. It’s a lot better for me.

Same thing with Zoom. I hate doing meetings like that, but I will come on… I just will only do it for 10 minutes at a time.

5. Be Stubborn With Your Time

People are going to try to drag you into doing things that you don’t want to do.

If you know yourself and you know what makes you productive and efficient, don’t take a step back and revert back to something that doesn’t work.

You’ve got to hold your guns. If you start compromising, it’ll get real annoying. People will start violating your boundaries.

There’s a time to be stubborn and that is when it comes to your valuable time.

Stay Strong,
author Tai

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